Distributed Infrastructure, Simplified.

our mission

We develop tools for automating how companies manage cloud infrastructure so they can save time, costs, and focus on what they’re good at.

things that drive us




We believe the Cloud should be distributed and decentralized so that no one provider can control the internet.

The future of our society will rely on cloud infrastructure, and it’s critical that it not sit in the hands of any centralized authority. This is the only way the internet can stay fair, competitive and secure. Therefore we build open source tools to distribute things seamlessly across multiple cloud providers and solutions that allow all cloud services to be trustworthy and compatible with each other. It also doesn’t hurt that making things globally federated also makes them lightning fast.



We believe the cloud should be globally fault-tolerant to avoid any single points of failure.

Faults are inevitable. Instead of just focussing on reducing failures, we believe infrastructure should recover quickly and be able to scale across multiple cloud providers so that there is no single point of failure on the internet. We think of cloud infrastructure as a distributed state machine, and maintain several copies of the state spread around the world.

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We believe the Cloud should be simple, automated, and accessible for all.

Developers are the ultimate users of cloud infrastructure, but the tools today are complicated and increasingly optimized for operators rather than developers. Therefore we design developer-centric experiences that focus on being intuitive and productive, while also abstracting as much complexities as possible.

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the people behind


Adam Bozanich

Founder & CTO

Greg Osuri

Founder & CEO

Aaron Stein

Software Engineer

Nick Alesandro

VP of Product

Allison Silber

Head of Operations

advisors & investors

We are funded by all-star investors including CrunchFund, Hone Capital, Auren Hoffman, and dozen other investors who guided us in product development.

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For press inquiries, please contact us at press@ovrclk.com

work with us


Open Positions

  • Distributed Systems Engineer (Founding Team)
    San Francisco
  • Senior Security Engineer (Founding Team)
    San Francisco
  • Doc Ops (Technical Writer)
    San Francisco
  • Senior Server Hardware Engineer (Founding Team)
    San Francisco
  • Resident Videographer / Photographer (Freelance)
    San Francisco


  • healthcare
    Full Healthcare (with dental)
  • executive
    Executive Coaching (for executives)
  • car
    Access to Car + Scooter + Bike
  • gym
    Gym or Classpass
  • identity
    Identity Protection (LifeLock)
  • company
    Company offsites (2x yr)
  • freelunch
    Free lunch/dinner (in office)
  • unlimited
    Unlimited Vacation
our culture
Get Overclocked!

Go into hyperdrive! And stay in hyperdrive! Do whatever you need to do to operate at your peak performance. We are an accepting team that loves coffee, tea and nootropics, but you do you.

Believe in yourself

We value people who are opinionated and have varying view points of things. Don’t be scared to express ideas you believe in even if they conflict with others on the team.

The Developer Experience Company
We develop tools for developers that are simple, intuitive, and more productive than anything else on the market. If it doesn’t wow our people then we need to work harder.
Be efficient, be effective

Whether you’re writing code, running a meeting, or discussing a product, find ways to do it in the most organized and productive manner possible. Trust us, everyone will appreciate it.

Do the right thing

With all of our decisions, we must do what we believe is right — both for our company, our community, and for each other. When in doubt, ask what would Linus do.

Pragmatism and Progress

We strive for greatness in everything we do, but are content on building real-world solutions instead of obfuscated theoretical concepts. Or said another way, progress over idealism.

Get it done

We don’t care what you do as long as you get your job done and are treating everyone else with respect. Everyone here operates on a very high level and only you know what works best for you. We value outcomes over hours, results over process.

Say yes to life

Do whatever is needed to make sure you’re living the life you want. We support it (as long as it doesn’t come at the expense of others). Go on adventures, do whacky things, do whatever makes you feel most at your best.

Be your own manager

We value people who act autonomously, ask themselves questions before they ask others and try to get everything done on their own when they can. Be a force to be reckoned with!

Big things have small beginnings

Know that everything starts somewhere. Even Google was once just a kid in a dorm room, tinkering around. You have to believe in the vision if you are able to see it become a reality.

Watch out for each other

Find ways to look out for each other and let each other know when something is wrong. Here we are a family, there can be no raising up the ladder without first helping one another.