Decentralized Infrastructure, Simplified

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Overclock Labs develops protocols, tools, and infrastructure to make foundational elements of the internet decentralized, reliable and, simple


We believe the future of the internet should be decentralized and open.

Cloud Infrastructure will serve over 53% of global internet traffic. We believe this is too important for an elite group of organizations to own and control. We think the people that use the internet should own the infrastructure that runs the internet.


We believe infrastructure should be self-healing, tolerant to erosions and natural disasters.

Faults are inevitable. Instead of just focussing on reducing failures, we believe infrastructure should recover quickly. We think the resilience can be achieved with clean decoupling of build time and runtime assets of the application. We believe infrastructure should be a distributed state machine — architecturally decentralized, logically centralized — and maintain several copies of the state spread throughout the globe.


We believe the tools that run the internet should be simple, easy and accessible for developers.

Developers are the ultimate users of cloud infrastructure but the tools today are increasingly optimized for operators rather than developers because of alignment of incentives amongst the few organizations that control the infrastructure and individuals in organizations that handle the budgets.


Greg Osuri

Founder | CEO

Adam Bozanich

Founder | CTO

Gregory Gopman

Founder | COO

Jarell Douville

Software Engineer

Aaron Stein

Software Engineer

Investors & Advisors

Auren Hoffman

CEO, SafeGraph. Fmr. CEO, LiveRamp

Chris Michel


Steven Fan

Head of Investments, Tencent

Charlie Songhurst

Fmr. Head of Global Stragegy, Microsoft

Brandon Goldman

Founder, Freshpay. Lead Software Architect, Blockfolio